The Norngarden Give-to-Get - Special Frequently asked Questions

Can't I just send the money to You and you spend it on charity?

I will NOT take any money from you. You will have to find a way to wisely spend it. I did not say it has to be easy. Programming a metaroom is not a piece of cake neither.

I do not know a homeless person to give the money to. What should I do?

Giving the money to a homeless person was just a suggestion I made. You can do something totally different. As long as it helps people in need and you send me a picture of you doing it.

I cannot afford to spend any money at all. What can I do?

If you cannot afford spending any money at all, think about something different to help somebody. Be creative. Give away some old toys of yours, help out at a charity organization,.... I am sure you will find a way!

I have been donation money to charity before. -Does this count?

It does not count if you had been doing something good in the past in a school project or so. You have to do something especially for the Norngarden 4!
Dont think of what you have been doing in the past, think of something you are going to do!


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