What a surprise! A New Norngarden Terrarium. Or is it more an Aquarium: Norngarden 4: The Aquagarden.
A huge Underwater area
Lots of swimming critters and bugs
A perfect place for a new aquatic Nornrace: the
AQUANORN <-- get them here
(These Norn do actually swim!!)

The Aquagarden is the home of the Aquanorn. Here they can swim around, hunt their food or play with the things they find in the Aquagarden.

The Aquagarden can only be downloaded after taking part in the Norngarden Give-to-Get-Special

Read everything about it --> here!

Lots of different critters live in the Aquagarden. Some of them are well known from NG1 other look rather strange.--> Here you can take a look at some bigger screenshots. <--

The Aquagarden is the home of the Aquanorn. This nice blue Norn are totally amphibian. They like to lie around near the shore and are able to swim with their fish-like tail.
Off course you can use the Aquagarden without the Aquanorn and let the nice blue Norn life somewhere else.
One last thing: Norngarden 4 has been heavily betatested! However there is always the possibility that bugs show up that have never shown their ugly face before. If you encounter one of them mail us! And we will hunt them down and produce an updates for Norngarden4 and put them here on this page!

---->Get the Aquagarden n by doing something good!

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