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Read this site if you have problems using Wombo the Seedlayer. It is fun to find out yourself which seed produces which plant. But if you want to spoil the fun you can go on and read this site . (Thank you Sylv for putting together the Wombo Help Page!)

1 imageRandom selection of one of 19 available seeds.
2 imageFlower seed.
3 imageFlower seed.
4 imageFlower seed.
Flower seed.5 image
6 imageFlower seed.
7 imageMannylowberry plant seed.
8 imageTomecko egg.
9 imageTribble egg.
10 imageBubblebee egg.
11 imageBeetree flower.
12 imageLugerleaf seedbug
13 imageGotchathorn plant seed.
14 imageA small, dangerous Trasherplant seed.
15 imageBibobird egg.
16 imageBug that lives in the fruit of the Rubbadubbatree.
17 imageFloating weed flower.
18 imageNorngarden 1 Blue Fish egg.*
19 imageBromseplant seed.*
20 imageRainbowbamboo nut.*

* If Norngarden 1 is not installed, the last three seeds will not appear on Wombo's menu.
Norngarden 1
Norngarden 2
Norngarden 4
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