The Discovery of the Norngarden

One day the lone Shee came back from one of his warp trips to find something was strange in his Ship. All the alarmbuttons were blinking and the gentle voice of Capillatas bordcomputer whistled "collision alert in the Norn Meso!" While he had been away the ship seemed to have rammed a meteoroid or something. "Why does this always happen when I actually need a long bath and a full cookie jar!" the lone Shee sighed and poured himself a cup of tee. Then he went of to inspect the damage. But the NornMeso seemed ok. The Norn did not show any signs of disturbance.

"Oh good. It didn't break the ships hull". Just when the Shee formed this thought he saw that he was wrong. Something had broken the hull next to the holistic learning machine. That something however looked like a door and seemed organic. At least as organic as Shee-spaceships are organic. Now the Shee suddenly realized that he had not for a second used his outdoor sensors to look at the object that had actually rammed his ship. He rushed back to the bridge. And there it was. A spaceship. At least as big as Capillata but with a design he had never seen before. Definitely gene- engineered but with a strange looking wooden surface. Or was it metallic? And there were lots of windows. What he could make out from his position the ship was stuffed with vegetation. "An arboretum!" the Shee was delighted. That was just what he was looking for. More space for his norn!

Not so fast- there could be anything inside this ship or even anybody! Would he meet another shee? He could not believe that his first thought was for the space for his norn. He had not met another shee for such a long time. His heart started beating a tiny bit faster as he rushed back to the Norn Meso. Yes it looked like a door. And he could try touching it.
With a groaning sound the door opened. Rust fell down and dust and soil. "So it is kind of metallic" the shee thought when he found himself inside what was looking like a tunnel.

There were lights on the wall and plants were growing on the moist floor. A Bromsefruit fell right in front of his feet. He put it into his mouth. Sweet and tasty. Had he lost his mind. He had just entered an alien spaceship full of plants he had never seen before and he actually ate something. but nothing happened. "Definitely not poisonous" he mourned and suddenly the cup of tea he had prepaired earlier came back into his mind.

The next two days the lone Shee inspected everything he could find. There were no signs of another Shee or other intelligent life form to be found. He had gained entrance to a rather big area in the ship he had started calling Norngarden. "Norn-" because he intended to use this new space for his norn and "Garden", because it looked like an abandoned garden with tons of tiny leafed weed growing everywhere. Even on the walls. He found other plants deeply covered in this weed and even some plants that looked and behaved like critters. He also found another door which he was not able to open yet.

"Great. Probably another abandoned Shee Spaceship" finishing this thought he realized that he did not have the slightest clue that this actually had been created by the Shee. But since he had lots of work analyzing tons of seed and spores he found in a dormant stage in the Norngarden, the Shee decided to leave the secret of what was behind that door for another day.


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