The Norngarden Xmas Room
(by Mkid112)

>The lone shee was quite frustrated as of late. The yule holiday was swiftly approaching, and although he had everything he needed to celebrate, he was stumped with the mystery of the Norngarden.

Months now he had studied it, and on occasion he would find something new, but that door in the corner just wouldn't open. He had tried all manner of equipment, but it just stood their, an unbeatable obstacle, one that he spent countless hours in front of to no avail. He was doing his final checks on his Norns before he settled in for the night, when he noticed something very peculiar. Hidden behind some brush he noticed a small crack in the wall, and from the crack came a small beam of light. His heart pounded and his mind was racing. Had he found an alternative route to what was behind that door?

The lone shee rushed off, and quickly returned with a few sleepy Norns and a box of tools. He would solve this mystery before the day was done! His Norns widened the crack, and soon there was a hole in it's place, a hole just big enough for him to squeeze through. After forcing his way through he found himself in a medium sized room, and although it was a little colder than he was used to, he liked it. The air carried a scent much like pine, and why wouldn't it? There was a large tree in the center of the room, growing right up to the ceiling. His Treehuggers would surely love the large tree, and the fresh scented air. But what surprised him more was the fact that there were critters in here.

He was sure he saw a few odd looking ones peering out at him, though none were bold enough to approach. And then he looked past all the flora and fauna to a smaller terrarium within this one. What he saw was something magical, something wonderful...something called snow. The dome was filled with it, a small arctic landscape within this large subtropical vessel. He realized that he was still very tired, and that in the morning he would come back and create a proper door, and examine the snowglobe. It was going to be a very merry Christmas indeed!


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