The Norngarden Give-to-Get - Special

Give a little help to somebody who needs it and get the Aquagarden!

Here are some examples of what other people did to participate in the Give-to-Get-Special:

WhiteHawk356 bought 10 plush puppies in a shop that devotes 60% of it's profits to training Guide Dogs for the blind

B. donated five bags of plushies to the Salvation army

Gynger bought a homless man a bag of groceries and gave him some cash.

kieko2k volunteered at the local nursing home

I. sent toys to children in Albania

Norn_crazy put a rubbish bag full of toys into one of those Good Will donation bins

janedoe helped with a charity event to build a new playpark for the kidies

Nielle121 donated 10 dollars to the red cross

FaerieNorn performed Irish dancing for the people at a local Aged Person home

Jcnorn gave 100 SEK to 'Rädda Barnen' (roughly translated: 'Save the children'

michizcool giving toys to a poor neighbore
DarthJen270 gave $20US to the Starlight Children's Foundation so that they could give a plush bear to a child with a serious illness next holiday season!

Kuzzo donated 10 Euro to Amnesty International

hicoolguy gave $30 to Soul Purpose Ministries so they could help underpriviledged kids in other countries

N1 donated 12 Euro for help in Irak to the| "Deutsches Rotes Kreuz"

monkey1992 raised money fot "the march of dimes" (a program to save premature babys)

A.(not in picture) and his grandma volunteered to work at a food cupboard!

Grendelmaster is giving his sneakers to charity
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